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NP203/NP205 Dual (Doubler) Transfer Case Adapter Kit

NP205/NP203 DBLR
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Dual (doubler) Transfer Case Adapter Kit was designed to mate the NP205 Transfer Case to the NP203 Range Box. This allows a 3 speed Transfer Case. The gear ratio choices are as follows: 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1

Please Use the Drop Down Boxes to Create your 203/205 Dual Transfer Case Adapter Kit. This will allow you to build Hybrid Kits like putting a 32 Spline Input into a Ford 205 or a 31 Spline Input into a GM 205.

**Note: GM Round Pattern NP205's Require a GM Short 32 Spline Input or a Ford 31 Spline Input to replace the Factory Long 32 Spline Input.**
**Note: You can not Install a 31 Spline or 32 Spline into a Small Bore Fig.8 Case, Machining would be required to accept the 90mm Input Bearing, Choose Large Bore Fig.8.**
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