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NP205 Cable Twin Stick Shifter (Passenger Drop)

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Measure before buying - Recommendations are just that.

For Married applications 60" of cable is recommended

For Divorced applications 72" of cable is recommended

Stainless steel, lightweight, flush mounted twin-stick cable shifter. Components are designed and manufactured specifically for their purpose, not re-purposed hardware store items. MIG /TIG welded components, hand polished shifter handles. 1/4" 304 stainless steel mounting point on the transfer case that is secured by 3 grade 8 bolts (included), not a single point that can twist out of position.

Also available as single or triple stick shifter

  • Billet Shift Knobs with laser etched shift pattern
  • Premium Sewn Boot
  • 304 stainless laser cut parts.
  • 303 stainless CNC machined parts.
  • Shifters pivot on bronze bushings that are press-fit and reamed to size.
  • Stainless steel pivot pin with stainless nuts/washers
  • USA made cables with stainless steel inner wire and ends.
  • A full 3” of throw,
  • Machined clevis ends, allowing stronger interfaces, and wider range of motion.
  • Cable options from 36” to 120” (for the swamp buggy guys).
  • Stainless steel jam nut.
  • Instructions for easy shift-rail modification (or brand new machined shift-rails that are ready to go).
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