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NP205 Park Brake Kit

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Product Details

This is a NP205 Transfer Case Parking Brake Kit. It will work with Both Passenger and Driver Drop Cases with Multiple Caliper Orientations. The Kit Utilizes a 10" Diameter 1/4" Thick Rotor and a Wilwood MC4 Mechanical Parking Brake Caliper Capable of 3500ft/lbs of Clamping Force with only 300ft/lbs of Input Force! Our Billet Output Bearing Retainer and Output Flange is Required for this Kit to work.

Included in the Kit:
  • 1x 10" Diameter Rotor (1300/1400 or Rockwell Pattern)
  • 1x Caliper Mounting Bracket
  • 1x Wilwood MC4 Caliper (120-12069-R) or (120-12069-B)
  • 4x 7/16" x 3/4" NF Grade 8 Cap Screws
  • 4x 7/16" Nordlock Washers
  • 4x 1/2" x 3/4" NF Grade 8 Cap Screws
  • 4x 1/2" Nordlock Washers
  • 3x 3/8" x 1" NC Grade 8 Cap Screws
  • 2x 3/8" x 1" NF Socket Head Cap Screws

Required Items:
  • Billet Output Bearing Retainer w/ Output Seal and Hardware (Required for Mounting Caliper Bracket)
  • Billet Output Flange (1300/1400 or Rockwell Pattern) (Required for Proper Offset of Rotor)
  • Output Shaft Locking Nut
  • Output Shaft Rubber Star Washer (Seals Splines)
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