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NP205 Shift Collar

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If your NP205 Suffers from popping out of gear or hard to shift into gear. Then your shift collar may need to be replaced.

Shift collars can wear down due to improper usage or suffer from what we call "lunch box" condition.
If you try to shift into gear on the fly, the 205 will grind down the teeth on the shift collar.

Similarly if you have your "lunch box" or anything else on the center console and it's applying slight pressure to the shift lever. This could move the shift collar close enough to wear down the teeth.

Both of which will cause hard to shift into gear conditions.

The face of the teeth can wear out too. See images for worn out collars for reference.
While these are "hard parts" they can wear out.

Qty 1 = 1 shift collar
Qty 2 = 2 shift collars

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