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Speedometer Calibration Box

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Is your speedometer reading incorrectly? Have you swapped tires or rear end gear ratio. Or thinking about it but not sure how to correct your speedometer.
This unit here will allow you to correct the reading on your speedometer.

Fits GM and Dodge applications of transmissions and Transfer Cases, Most Jeeps as well, like the popular NP205 transfer case or TH400 transmission.
This will also assist you if you need an offset output due to clearance issues.

If you simply need an offset and everything is already calibrated fine, please let us know you simply need an offset box with a calibration ratio of 1:1.

Otherwise please provide us with the following

Tire size and rear end gear ratio. Along with the Drive and Driven speedometer gear tooth count


Speedometer reading (virtual) and GPS App speed (actual) i.e. Speedo reads 65mph while GPS app reads 55mph at the same time.

We will build a custom calibration box based on the information you've provided to correct your speedometer.

We welcome all questions. Feel free to reach out and we can walk you through the process if need be.

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