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TH400 to GM Round 6 bolt 1-1/4" Thick Transmission Adapter Kit

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This adapter is designed for the super short shaft 4wd TH400 with a stick out length of approximately 1-3/8" to mate to GM 6 Bolt Round Pattern Transfer Cases.

These include NP241C, NP243C, NP246C, NP261C, NP263C, Atlas II GM Orientation, BlackBox, and planetary gear box.

This Style TH000 would have had a New Process 203 bolded onto it from factory.
This once forgotten version of transmission is now able to be used with many types of GM transfer cases that have never been able to be used before.

Note: You must also ensure the input shaft is correct on your transfer case. Round bolt NP205 will not work as is from factory. Again, special attention must be made to the input shaft.

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