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SAMPLE. NP205 10 spline

$1 855.00
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Product Details
Refundable Core Deposit: 400
***This listing is build to order a NP205 Transfer case with a 10 spline input that bolts to a SM465 4x4 Transmission.***

Means the transfer case will be built when you order it.

I offer the most complete and in depth rebuilt transfer case. Down to the speedometer retainer seal. This seal is not in any "kit" on the market and overlooked. Don't fill your speedometer cable full of oil.

◉ Photos are representational of what a transfer case with the Full Corrosion Resistance package looks like.

The transfer cases are never rattle canned, don't ask, it's an inferior coating.
TCS feels powder coating is a superior coating and is a direct reflection of the quality of work, superior.

When choosing Full corrosion resistance package, powder coating or custom color the case will be powder coated. See Full Corrosion Resistance package for entire package details, upgraded fasteners, zinc and chromate plated hardware.

I do offer media blasting services, for the entire case, not just the main gear box portion. The entire case will come bare metal. Proper prep will still need to be done before painting.

This is the first gen tcase with the "circle track" or "figure 8 adapter" bolt pattern.

◉ No adapter, shifter, and/or shifting hardware is being sold in this listing.

Adapters, clocking plates, shifter, shifting hardware, spacer, and/or short transmission output shaft may be available. If the item you're looking for is not listed in product drop down, message to inquire on availability.

◉ The transfer case will come completely drained of all oil.

Manufacture Recommended Fluid for your case may be available upon inquiry, you must fill your case.

It is your responsibility to fill the transfer case to the appropriate level with the appropriate oil.

◉ All HD shafts will automatically come with a 6061-T6 Billet Bearing Retainer and upgraded Allen head fasteners.

◉ If a HD shaft is selected a HD yoke must also be selected. Stock yokes will not fit on HD shafts.

*Uncalibrated speedometer output will not read correctly when driving down the road. It can read too fast or too slow than the actual speed you are going.

◉ There is a fixed $200 fee added to shipping, as handling costs. This $200 will be refunded to you when you return the reusable transit box. If you have a core. This is the box you MUST use to return your core. You will also receive the core fee back on top of the $200 deposit. See Shipping services for more detail.

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