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Shipping Services

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Transfer Case Solutions ships all transfer cases via reusable transit boxes.

Benefits to reusable transit boxes.

  • Utilizing reusable transit boxes helps ensure you receive your transfer case safely.

  • Keeps the earth cleaner by not throwing away cardboard boxes and packing material every shipment.

  • By reusing the boxes helps pass on savings of reduced shipping and handling charges

  • Gives you everything you need to ship back your core safely.

In order to keep low shipping and handling costs and always have reusable transit boxes on hand, TCS asks that you return the reusable transit boxes, and in a timely fashion.

To keep everyone honest and to be fair to the next customer, a $200 deposit will be added onto shipping cost as handling cost.

You will get your $200 back when you send back the reusable transit box. You are responsible for all return shipping costs.

For those of you with PayPal, here's your chance to take advantage of their up to 45% discount on ground shipments. Please follow the link to create a shipping label and ship back via UPS

If you do not have PayPal. Please reach out and a label may be emailed to you. Cost of label will be added to overall price. You will still get your deposit back when the reusable transit box is received.

The following will result in loss of deposit:

  • You decide you do not wish to return the reusable transit box back.

  • You do not have the reusable transit box in the mail to be returned within 7 business days.

  • You do not return the included tie downs with the case.

  • You do not properly secure the two halves together, resulting in only half a case showing up.

  • You do not strap your core down securely, resulting in damage to the reusable transit box

  • See core return policy If your case is damaged in transit due to failure of securing the transfer case and or the two halves of the transit box.

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