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Landa SJ-5 Automated Heated Parts Washer

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Parts are washed in a Landa SJ-5 Automated Heated Parts Washer, Built in the USA.

  • 45 Gal Tank Capacity keeps water hotter longer and extends cleaning solution life.

  • 1/2 HP Centrifugal Pump Flows 27 GPM

  • Precision Spray Nozzles designed to flush parts from all angles

  • Tapered basket for focused cleaning

  • Steel Chip Tray

TCS utilizes a heavy duty detergent that is highly concentrated, Aluminum Safe, with exceptional cleaning capability to remove heavy grease and oil build up on parts made of aluminum or ferrous metals. It contains corrosion inhibitors to protect parts and machine from flash rusting. New de-foamer is effective in controlling foam in the sump tank and does not leave a residue that would interfere with additional parts processes like painting or plating.

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