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Core Return

You've just received your rebuilt transfer case. Now you need to return your core. Please carefully remove the rebuilt transfer case from the reusable transit box. Leave and reuse the insta-pack below the transfer case inside the reusable transit box. If your core return transfer case is greasy and has oil in it. Please drain as much as possible and clean the case of grease and dirt.

Once your transfer case is prepped for shipment, gently set the transfer case in the same orientation the rebuilt one was removed. The insta-pack is molded to the bottom side of the transfer case and the ratchet straps or orientated in a specific way. It may require 2 people to gently remove and set the transfer case in. Please be mindful of how heavy it is, and don't hurt yourself.

Please reuse the cardboard that was on top of the transfer case. It was there to protect your powder coating. Now the cardboard will protect the straps from becoming dirty. The ratchet straps are offset on purpose. Please view photos for orientation if you've forgotten. Remember to keep the ratchet straps out of the way as you're setting in the transfer case.

Strap the transfer case down. If you have an NP205, be sure to wrap the straps on the inside of the shift rails. If you have a shift link, run the strap between the transfer case and the shift link. Tighten, the straps but do not overkill the straps, causing the edges of the box to fold inward.

Once the transfer case is secure. Place the lid back on the top and use the rubber hooks to lock the lid to the base. Then using the supplied bag of banding straps and hooks, band the box down as you have received it.

There will be 2 short and one long bands and 3 hooks. Use the 2 short bands around the short side and the long band around the long side. If you are unfamiliar with the banding process, please view photos for wrapping the band through the hook. 1) Run one end of the strap up through the bottom. 2) Wrap around the spring arm. 3) Then run the end back through the bottom.

4) Do this for both sides. 5) Pull very tight if you do not have a banding tool. 6) Some times it helps to use wide mouth pliers on each end to grip the band and pull tight.

Gently remove the previous shipping label and all carrier's shipping labels/barcodes. Do not remove warning labels. Place return label in a clear legible spot.

Once fully packaged and secured, drop the package off with the return carrier. If a carrier pick up is involved, have everything ready for shipment before scheduled picked up date.

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