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Return Reusable Transit Box

How to Return your Reusable Transit Box. You've just received your transfer case. You do not have a core to return but would like your handling deposit back. This guide will help you in returning the reusable transit boxes in the smallest footprint possible to reduce the shipping cost of returning the transit box. And ensure that you strap the two halves together securely and safely. 1) Turn the top upside down. 2) With the straps inside the bottom, place the bottom inside the top.

3) Take the straps and drape them over the edges.

4) Make sure to lengthen the ratcheting end all the way under the bottom and out to the other side

5) Slide the strap into each ratchet respectively. Pull Most of the slack through but leave enough to wrap around the barrel when ratcheting a few times. 6) Once the ratchets are nice and tight securing the two halves together, tie the loose ends together. This is VERY important so the straps do not get caught in any belts or damaged in transit. If straps are damaged due to lack there of following procedure, replacement straps will be taken out of handling deposit.

7) Take your shipping label and place it right in the middle of the straps to ensure protection of the label. Lost parcels in the mail due to damaged/lost labels will result in forfeit of handling deposit. If you did not agree to a core return please follow these steps in returning the reusable transit box. If for some reason you'd like to return a core last minute and it will fit in the reusable transit box please follow core return guide. For more detail on how handling deposit can be forfeited and how to print a shipping label cheaper than going to the shipping store of your choice visit shipping services.

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