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Powder Coating

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

At Transfer Case Solutions we take pride in how your transfer case looks.

We don't simply spray silver paint over nuts, bolts, drain plug, fill plug, gasket making material, rust, dirt, oil, and gunk in the crevices to simply "shine" it up and make you feel good. Our competitors do this in order to save a buck and give you a pretty looking case for the moment you received it.

Competitors Spray Paint Everything.

Take a good look at all our photos with powder coated cases. You'll see the gasket making material and bearings not painted or even powder coated. You'll have to look closely to see the gasket making material. Not too much gasket making material is used. Doesn't squirt out the sides a whole bunch. If you see a lot on the outside, that means a lot went on the inside. Too much on the inside could easily break off over time and clog your oil pump pick up tube filter. Clogged oil pick up filter results in oil restriction and starvation. You know what happens when you starve your engine of oil. Why do it to your transfer case? Every part is handled individually.

Loose Powder, ready to be fired.

Parts after being fired, ready to come out.

Every transfer case goes through the entire cleaning process. No corners are ever cut. The parts go through the cleaning process multiple times, nearly every build. This kind of dedication, precision, and care for the parts is a forgotten practice in businesses, trying to maximize their profits.

We at transfer case solutions choose powder coating because no other coating is proven stronger or more durable than powder coating. It is a direct reflection on how we build transfer cases on the inside; to perfection with the upmost pride.

It is our desire for your transfer case to look beautiful, not just the day you get it, but through it's entire life. To help achieve this, Transfer Case Solutions offers Zinc Plating with blue or black chromate. Coupled all together and you get the Full Corrosion Resistance Package.

But wait, that's not all.

Transfer Case Solutions also offers powder coating of not only transfer cases but also small to medium size parts. Please inquire for a quote to powder coat your parts.

Powder Coated Skateboard Trucks

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