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Zinc Plating and Chromate

At Transfer Case Solutions we always go the extra mile to ensure you get top quality product. Zinc Plating topped with another layer of chromate (blue or black) has been added with the powder coating process to create the Full Corrosion Resistance package. Many OE parts are slowly not being reproduce or currently not being made any more. You wouldn't buy 3 tires when you need 4. You wouldn't paint half a car. So why just powder coat your transfer case and mount the rusty original hardware when you can have it zinc plated and topped with chromate?

Compare and Contrast zinc plated topped with blue chromate

Sure you could wire wheel, media blast, or utilize solvents to clean the hardware. Will it look nice? For that day. But we all know bare metal left outside one wet season and it's rusted as if you didn't do anything. Could you paint it in all one shot to cover the bare metal of your transfer case and hardware? Sure, but we all know how long a rattle can will last vs powder coating.

TCS wants your transfer case looks as good as it did day you picked it up. So don't settle for one seat cover when you need two. Get the full corrosion resistance package, giving you the peace of mind knowing you're transfer case is combating corrosion.

All case bolts have been zinc plated and topped with black chromate. Tail shaft housing bolts and fill/drain plugs have been zinc plated and topped with blue chromate.

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