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Ship Your Transfer Case to Be Rebuilt

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Do you live out in the country, far from town? Do you live in town but can't find a competent rebuilder? Tired of feeling like local shops are not fully knowledgeable to solve your problem? Have a custom build, but can't find anyone around you with the ability to understand or build you what you need? If you've answered yes to any of the above, you might be looking to send your transfer case to a professional who specializes in transfer cases.

Now you have to find a box big enough, strong enough for insurance purposes, and suitable packaging material. Have no luck trying to find a box big enough or strong enough for your transfer case, let alone packing material? Don't want to have sleepless nights, because your box isn't rated for the weight capacity for insurance purposes, knowing your box is being thrown like a ragdoll down the belt?

Don't stress any more. Transfer Case Solutions has the solution for you.

TCS is pleased to introduce to you, reusable transit boxes.

How does a reusable transit box work?

  1. Have an empty reusable transit box shipped to you.

  2. Load your transfer case inside.

  3. Follow instructions on how to secure your transfer case properly.

  4. Strap the reusable transit box back up using integrated straps and provided straps.

  5. Slap a shipping label on the outside

  6. Drop it off at your nearest carrier or have them pick it up from your door step.

  7. Once your case is received it will be rebuilt per your requests

  8. Shipped back to you

  9. You must return the empty reusable transit box.

To receive a reusable transit box service you must:

  1. Put a $200 deposit down. (You will get this back when the empty reusable transit box is returned.)

  2. Pay for the shipping to receive the empty reusable transit box

  3. Pay for shipping your case loaded in the reusable transit box

  4. Pay to ship your rebuilt transfer case, in the reusable transit box, back to you

  5. And Finally pay for returning the empty reusable transit box.

  6. At upon receiving the reusable transit box you will get your $200 deposit back. For those of you with PayPal, here's your chance to take advantage of their up to 45% discount on ground shipments. Please follow the link to create a shipping label and ship back via UPS

If you do not have PayPal. Please reach out and a label may be emailed to you. Cost of label will be added to overall price. You will still get your deposit back when the reusable transit box is received.

The following will result in loss of deposit:

  • You decide you do not wish to return the reusable transit box back.

  • You do not have the reusable transit box in the mail to be returned within 7 business days.

  • You do not return the included tie downs with the case.

  • You do not properly secure the two halves together, resulting in only half a case showing up.

  • You do not strap your case down securely, resulting in damage to the reusable transit box


On an individual basis, may prepaid labels be provided to help reduce your shipping costs and overall costs.

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